Damon Headrow


Werewolf: Damon “Blood-Eater” Headrow
Player: Adam
Chronicle: Portland
Concept: Parapsychological Investigator
Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Wrath
Auspice: Rahu (Full Moon) Tribe: Blood Talons
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2 Wits 3 Resolve 2
Physical Attributes: Strength 3 Dexterity 2 Stamina 3
Social Attributes: Presence 2 Manipulation 2 Composure 2
Mental Skills: Academics (Law) 1, Investigation (Paranormal) 4, Occult (Ghosts) 4, Science 2
Physical Skills: Athletics 1, Brawl (Dirty Tricks) 2, Firearms 1, Larceny (Lockpicking) 1, Stealth (Crowds) 1, Survival 1
Social Skills: Intimidation 1, Persuasion 1, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 1
Merits: Contacts 2, Resources 2, Status 1
Rituals, Gifts: Crushing Blow 1, Clarity 1, Rituals 1
Rites: Shared Scent 1
Special Abilities: Warrior’s Eye: Once per session read a foe with Wits + Primal Urge.
Primal Urge: 2 Essence 11
Willpower: 4
Health: 8
Harmony: 6
Size: 5
Defense: 2
Initiative: 4
Speed: 10
Experience Saved: Experience Saved:
Cunning: 0 Glory: 2 Honor: 0 Purity: 1 Wisdom: 0
Apparent Age: 30s Age: 38 Date of Birth: 1974 Height: 5’10 Weight: 170 Gender: Male Hair: Long – Dark Brown Eyes: Brown Race: White Other Feature: Some Facial Hair



Contacts: Police Force – Officer Sam Baker
American Institute of Parapsychology – Dr. Andrew Nichols.

Resources: Money acquired from Paranormal Investigations business: “Full-Moon Investigations”


Weapon: Beretta Model 92 Dmg 2 Rng 20/40/80 Str Min 2 Clip 15+1 Size 1/S Cost ●●

Weapon: Reinforced Clothing Rating 1/0 Str Min 1 Def Pen 0 Spd Pen 0 Cost ●
Weapon: Kevlar vest (thin) Rating 1/2 Str Min 1 Def Pen 0 Spd Pen 0 Cost ● Modern, bulletproof

Equipment: Suppressor
Size 1 Durability 3 Structure 4 Cost ●●● (Called a contact, purchased as Cost ●●)

Ghost-Hunting Equipment
Size 3 Durability 3 Structure 6 Cost ●●●● (Professor sold old equipment at auction, purchased as Cost ●●)
Scent Eliminator
Size 1 Durability 1 Structure 2 Cost ●

Muscle Car
Size 12 Durability 3 Structure 15 Accel 26 (35 mph/turn) Safe Spd 110 (75 mph) Max Spd 220 (150 mph) Hndlng 3 Occ 1+3 Cost ●●
Size 1 Durability 2 Structure 3 Cost ●
Bugs (Covert Listening Devices)
Size 1 Durability 1 Structure 2 Cost ●●
Survival Kit, Urban
Size 2 Durability 2 Structure 4 Cost ●●
Survival Kit, Advanced
Size 2 Durability 2 Structure 4 Cost ●●
Caltrops (Tire Spikes)
Dmg 1(L) Size 1 Durability 3 Structure 4 Rigging 3 Cost ●●

Notes: Status as a Paranormal Investigator – relates mostly to local college students and professionals in the field who may know of Damon as a man of integrity in the Paranormal field.




• How old are you? 35
When were you born? 1977
How old were you when you underwent the First Change? 33
How long have you been a werewolf? 2 years
Did the Change affect your emotional maturity? Greatly
For better or worse? For better. More clarity.
Do you look older or younger than your years? I looks older (early 40’s)
Are you more or less mature than you seem? Depends on circumstances.
• What was unique about your childhood? Became trapped in Haunted House for two days at age 12.
What do you remember about your early years? A chaotic swath of being kicked out of schools for fighting.
What was your home life like? Raised by a single mother who was ill equipped to handle an enraged rebellious youth.
Was it idyllic? For a trouble maker, yes. Troubled, Abusive? Only by the bullies that beat me up.
Where did you go to school? ALL OVER.
Were you a good student? When I was in class.
What is your most powerful childhood memory? Being locked in a haunted house.
Did you go to high school or college? Both. Received a bachelor’s degree in Parapsychology
Did you have a hometown, or did your family move often? Moved often, but stayed on the West Coast.
Did you run away from home? No.
Did you play sports? Football and wrestling.
Did any of your childhood friendships last until adulthood? Too aggressive for most people to be around for long, but my buddy on the Police force still occasionally talk business.
Did your nascent Rage affect your childhood? Greatly. I was ruled by it. Anger Management didn’t help.
• What kind of person were you? Aggressive, arrogant, lean.
Did you like who you were? No, but I couldn’t help the lunar-bipolar disorder.
How would you describe yourself as a person before the Change? Aggressive, yet terrified of flying into a psychotic rage and actually wind up in Jail.
How would the people who knew you best describe you? Scared-youth, strong willed, loyal to a fault. How would someone who disliked you describe you? Arrogant, brash, prideful, selfish, violent, scary.
What about a total stranger? Most strangers avoid the dread gaze projected from my attitude, some are instinctively repulsed, the foolish are angered by my gaze, correctly interpreting it to be “Dogging them down.”
Did you have an active social life? Not really. A family? No. After 18 I left home to my mothers delight. A steady job? Yes, after college I started a business investigating hauntings.
Did you have good friends, or simply acquaintances? A handful of each that I consider loyal, and honorable.
How did you expect life to go before the Change turned everything upside down? No expectations.
• What experiences with the supernatural have you had? Eerie feelings, strange lights, moving shadows, weird or off smells, strange noises and ’static’s’ as well as odd apparitions appearing on film, dramatic changes in temperature…etc.
Did omens manifest before your First Change? Yes, I began “seeing” and hearing more sightings close to my store-front. Animals reacted strangely to me some came near me, others fled. Most fled.
Did you take particular note of them? Recorded note actually.
Were you hunted and bitten prior to the Change? Yes, by Hunger-Fire who had been watching over me.
Did you ever have an encounter with a manifested spirit, Ridden or other supernatural entity? Ridden. And perhaps a few others.
Were you skeptical of the supernatural? No, I started a company to prove the supernatural. Now I use it to kill the supernatural, and disprove/cover-up the truth from mankind.
Is there anything you learned to fear? The dangerous mysteries of the supernatural and werewolves.
• What was your First Change like? Violent.
How did your auspice moon affect your Change? Filled me with pure Rage.
What stress brought on the Change? Being bitten, and seeing a Garu.
Did you do anything you regret? Yes, in my horror-stricken flight I ran into a small gang of skateboarders and homeless people under a bridge, killed them all…Perhaps even ate a few.
Did your Change have ramifications in the mortal world? No. Hunger-Fire cleaned up after me.
Are you now hunted by the police, or by someone else? No, it was a mysterious case.
How does your First Change haunt you today? Not knowing how many people I ate.
Who was your mentor? Hunger-Fire.
Who brought you into werewolf society after your Change? Hunger-Fire.
Were they expecting you to Change, or did they run across you by accident? Saw me beginning to change in the Shadow.
Are you related? No.
Is your mentor one of the People or someone with wolf blood? One of the People. A Bone Shadow. He thought I would make a great bone shadow, but then I raged, and he witnessed my rage and honorably pointed me towards the Red Talons.
Do you come from a strong werewolf bloodline, or were you born into a family in which the blood was weak? Weak and unknown by my mother.
• What was your tribal initiation like? test of endurance. I hung from
a tree for a day and a night upside-down, then fought in ritual combat until I prevailed against a fresh, young opponent, also newly changed.
How many werewolves of your tribe were present? 13.
Do you keep in touch with any of them? On occasion.
How did you feel when the rite was completed? Blessed, and proud.
What is your Uratha name? Blood-Eater.
Why were you given this name? As a remembrance of the blood I took on my Change-day, to honor my greatest failure. Do you answer to it? Humbly.
Do you prefer your human name? Depends who’s asking.
Were you initiated into a tribe at all? Yes, the Blood Talons.

• Do you keep a territory?
Is there a place you consider “yours”? Yes, My store-front.
Do you share it with your pack? No Pack currently.
Are you comfortable with the responsibility? Yes, I welcome it.
If you have no territory, do you want one? N/A
• Do you retain any connections to your mortal life? Yes
Are you a “missing person?” No.
Have you been presumed dead? No.
Do you retain contact with your family or friends? Some friends, albeit on an impersonal level since the Change.
Have any of your loved ones been subject to danger due to your new life? No. I try to stay away around my Auspice keeping them safely away from me.
Do you have any wolf-blooded relatives? Not that I am aware of.
• What motivates you?
How much do you believe in your tribe’s cause? I am fully convinced and convicted.
Do you have issues from your mundane life that still go unresolved? No.
Do you have loved ones to protect, or are you in search of someone who understands? Always searching.
Are there wrongs in your past that need to be righted? Yes. I need to right the murders of my change day. And do it more efficiently and mercifully next time.
Have your experiences as a werewolf given you new motivation? And new direction and profound faith.
Do you want to hold on to a portion of your previous life? My business, I want to fight the enemy on his ground, terrorizing him in his midst.
If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be? The ban of not eating flesh.

Damon Headrow

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