Detective Barrett


Mortal: Detective Sean Barrett
Player: NPC
Chronicle: PORTLAND
Concept: Looking for wanted criminals
Virtue: Justice Vice: Lust

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2 Wits 2 Resolve 2
Physical Attributes: Strength 2 Dexterity 3 Stamina 3
Social Attributes: Presence 2 Manipulation 3 Composure 2
Mental Skills: Academics 2, Computer 1, Investigation 3, Medicine 1, Occult 2, Politics 1, Science 1
Physical Skills: Athletics 1, Brawl 1, Drive 1, Firearms 1, Larceny 1
Social Skills: Intimidation 3, Persuasion 1, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 2
Merits: Fame 1,
Resources 2,
Status 1,
Contacts 1,
Mentor 1,
Barfly 1

Willpower: 4
Health: 8
Morality: 7
Size: 5
Defense: 2
Initiative: 5
Speed: 10
Experience Saved: 1 Experience spent: 24
Apparent Age: 45
Age: 48 Date of Birth: 1964
Height: 5’9
Weight: 180
Gender: M
Hair: Salt’n pepper
Eyes: hazel
Race: Caucasian/Other:

Off-Road SUV
Size 15 Durability 3 Structure 18 Accel 12 (17 mph/turn) Safe Spd 96 (65 mph) Max Spd 154 (105 mph) Hndlng 0 Occ 1+4 Cost ●●●


A hard-nosed detective in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Sean Barrett is a good, honest working cop with a conviction to help “human-people”.
Three years ago while working as a Private Security Consultant, he took job as a Private Investigator to check out several missing persons cases around the town of Cheverly, Maryland. What he found there pushed him to the edge of his sanity and shook his fundamental beliefs.
He managed to escape the madness of his findings into the loving arms of the FBI less than 10 miles away.
Unlike other survivors of Cheverly – Sean’s memories of the facts did not fade (due to the fact he stayed right up until the monster spontaneously combusted)
He remembers every case…and knows that there are beings who control the strings of human puppets. Sean simply wishes to find the “Masters” of the Underworld – the creatures behind the scenes of normal humanity’s crimes. Beings like California’s “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez, or – mostly-extinct predator species.

Sean is currently assisting with an investigation in Portland for a wanted Criminal and the burglary of a Judge’s home.

Detective Barrett

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