Hunter has the powerful presence of a predator, ranging anywhere from creepy and intimidating to downright feral and frightening. Standing easily at six-three and two hundred twenty pounds, his muscular body reflects many hours spent in heavy physical training. He keeps his dark-brown hair at a medium length with a short, well-kept beard and slightly longer goatee. By far his most striking facial feature are his dark, stone-cold brown eyes that are known for their penetrating stare. He usually keeps all trace of his thoughts and emotions from showing, preferring to remain as unreadable as possible. Although they’re not always visible, he has his share of tattoos he obtained in prison.


Full name: Aaron Blake Hunter
Age: 42
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Blood Talons
Player: Dawn

Hunter’s File…
Local inmate records at OSP…
Sentenced in 1986 to 4 consecutive life sentences without possibility of parole for:
4 counts of aggravated murder
4 counts of assault I
Rape I
Burglary 1

August 25, 2012 FOX NEWS ALERT
This just in: a long-term convict—42 year-old Aaron Blake Hunter — has just escaped from maximum security at Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem. Hunter was serving four life sentences without possibility of parole for a series of brutal murders, including the murder of Jean Preston, a decorated Portland police officer and the rape-murder of fourteen year-old Jenna Thompson.

Details on the escape are still being investigated, but it seems that Hunter was able to arrange for false transfer orders and attacked the officers attempting to move him, killing one of them in the process. The warden reports that the guards shot Hunter at least twice after he did the impossible—climbing the security fence and jumping over the outer perimeter within seconds. Despite these injuries, Hunter is still at large and is considered extremely dangerous.

In the early morning of February 8, 1986, neighbors were woken by the sound of gunshots from inside the home of Randal and Jean Preston. The scene that awaited the police inside was nothing short of a blood bath. Investigator reports state that Aaron Hunter had been stalking the Prestonʼs fourteen year-old foster daughter Jenna Thompson for at least two days before he broke in through her bedroom window on the night of February 7th. Once inside, Hunter proceeded to rape Jenna, ultimately killing her as well as Randal Preston and a family friend Jim Sanders who were both home. Evidence at autopsy revealed that all three victims sustained severe and prolonged beatings before dying of internal injuries and that they had all been dead for at least an hour before Jean Preston arrived home where Hunter had waited for her. Jean Preston, a decorated Portland police officer sustained severe physical trauma before Hunter shot her multiple times with her own gun. Police say that finding Hunter was as easy as prosecuting him; he was still sitting in the room with his victims covered in their blood.

Although Aaron Hunter was only sixteen at the time, he pled not guilty and was tried as an adult for the multiple heinous crimes that were clearly premeditated. Today, outraged friends and family of his victims, including the grieving family of correctional officer Steven Fletcher, are asking for the publicʼs help in serving justice by getting this killer back behind bars.51721zw


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