Chapter 1: Prelude

Breaking Hunter (Dawn’s Character) out of prison for tribal renown, pack establishment privileges, and save human lives…potentially.

Al (David)- plain, business, doesn’t stand out, mid-thirties, 6‘ Iron Master
Daniel/Viper (Caleb) – Overemphasized canines, noticeable muscles, 5’11, 25 yo Blood Talon
Frank (Ben) – big caucasian, 7’, almost dopy, 30-31 yo
Felix (Sean) – 5’9”, skinny Asian, jeans/jacket, calm/competent Hunters of Darkness
Karina (Micha) – 27, skyblue eyes, ear piercings, ripped jeans, loose T Iron Master
Damon (Ada) – long, dark hair, brown eyes, small goatee, caucasian, mid-thirties Blood Talon

Hunter’s File…
Local inmate records at OSP
Sentenced in 1986 to 4 consecutive life sentences without possibility of parole for:
4 counts of aggravated murder
4 counts of assault I
Rape I
Burglary 1

• - three days from full moon
• - locus 2 miles from prison

Chapter 1: Prelude

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