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Tegarath: Darkness – A landscape of Horror and wonder1

Publisher House: PDX ShadowBox
Author: Nathan King
Publish Date: Current
This Grimoire details the many methods of bringing beings from a spiritual plane of existence to our physical one. As well as the detailed incantations and rituals to become a Shadow Lord from ancient memory!
Taken from many sources, tomes, grimoires and hidden works, King has woven one of the finest demonic grimoires to date.

Book Club Events:
Book Release:Tegarath: Darkness – A landscape of Horror and wonder
Location: Powell’s Books Portland
Date: Fri-Sat 9-11p

Book Signing:
Location: Powell’s Books Beaverton
Date: Sun 7p
Meet the author, Nathan King – and get your copy signed!

Location: Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Ontario
Dates: TBA
King will be moving from town to town, taking his beta Occult group: “Shadow Seekers” with him on the road to show others how it can be done in their areas. They will also stop at local occult groups and conventions.
Call now to book Nathan King for your next occult event.

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Next Meeting: This Evening 11p
Location: Powell’s Books
Who to contact: Gale Peterson 503***-****

PDX Occult Reader Meet-Up Group

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